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San Mateo, CA
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4-Kids Daycare CostumesOUR PHILOSPHY is based on love and respect for each child as an individual. Our home is a place where young children learn to get along with others of various ages and capabilities. Our program has been designed specifically for younger children. All of our equipment is age appropriate to this age group. It is also a place that is designed especially to provide a loving, safe, healthy, learning and developmentally appropriate environment for young children.

COMMUNICATIONS We feel it is very important for your child's sake that you know what goes on in their lives when you are not with them so we ask you to please feel free to call us to discuss their progress and activities, or to discuss any questions or concerns about anything that is going on while your child is in our family day care home, so please call us right away.

No person, unless previously authorized, will be allowed to remove your child from our family day care home. If for some reason you find it necessary to have someone else pick up your child, you must let us know naming the person who will pick up your child or you must call us ahead of time and let us know. Any person not specifically listed on the enrollment form will not be allowed to pick up your child. This is a requirement of our State licensed facility for the safety of your child and will be strictly enforced.

License Number: 414000523